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The Town of Mt Laurel

Thanks for visiting sign.A quiet oasis nestled in bustling Birmingham, Alabama, the Town of Mt Laurel is a beautiful place to call home. Three aspects differentiate Mt Laurel from anything else you'll find in Birmingham. First, the homes at Mt Laurel feature the classic craftsman style with modern, energy-efficient amenities. Second, the Town of Mt Laurel was built with a respect for the natural topography and vegetation of the land. Third, the Town of Mt Laurel is a Traditional Neighborhood Development, built around the ideals of New Urbanism. These three factors combine to create a community totally unlike anything else you will find in Birmingham, Alabama.

Classic Design, Modern Amenities

Viewing a Mt Laurel home from the outside, you'll notice an aesthetic evocative of both an English village and the craftsman style. With extra-wide porches and lots full of mature trees, the houses exude a feeling of permanence.

Despite the classic aesthetic, Mt Laurel homes are the epitome of modern convenience. From walk-in pantries and ample storage throughout the homes to pre-wiring for high-speed internet, Mt Laurel homes are built for 21st-century living.

They're also incredibly energy efficient. The homes feature 10-foot ceilings to keep things cool in the summer and wood-burning fireplaces to keep things toasty in wintertime. All year long residents enjoy the energy savings generated from underground utilities, shaded lots, dual-pane windows and tankless water heaters.

Learn about these amenities and more in the Mt Laurel Homes section.

Built With Conservation in Mind

The motto of the Town of Mt Laurel is "We leave the trees." Mt Laurel was built with respect for existing vegetation and topography, to maintain the land's integrity, beauty and ecological value. While building a suburb generally starts with clear-cutting and leveling the land, the mature trees and rolling hills of Mt Laurel help to further establish its traditional, small-town feel. The incorporation of natural topography also helps distinguish the Town of Mt Laurel from other communities. Learn more about the Natural Beauty found at Mt Laurel.

A Nod to the Past

The Town of Mt Laurel is a mixed-use, self-sufficient, Traditional Neighborhood Development based upon the ideals of New Urbanism. It is a complete community, with homes, businesses, restaurants and schools all within walking distance of one another. Like the towns of yesteryear, Mt Laurel features a distinct town center offering entertainment, shopping, food and services. Parents can walk their children to school and residents can walk to meet most of their needs without the use of a vehicle. Learn more about what makes Mt Laurel a Traditional Neighborhood Development.

Mt Laurel Harvest Festival