The one thing you can't change about a house is its location. When you buy a home, you don't buy just the bricks and beams – you are buying a part of a community. That's why the Town of Mt Laurel is designed to be a community you will want to be a part of, now and into the future.

The Town of Mt Laurel is a place where neighbors walk together on tree-lined, 5-foot-wide brick sidewalks to the neighborhood grocery store or restaurant. It's a place where after work, cars are unnecessary. It's a place where small-town tradition meets modern convenience. The town of Mt Laurel is a Traditional Neighborhood Development.

TND - Traditional Neighborhood Development

Traditional Neighborhood Developments incorporate the ideas of Smart Growth and New Urbanism. These ideas encompass three basic principles: 1. Get people out of their cars. 2. Give people things to do and places to go within walking distance of their homes. 3. Put these amenities at the center of town, reminiscent of how neighborhoods have traditionally been built.

Mt Laurel is a world-class TND. As a mixed-use development, shops, restaurants and businesses are interspersed with schools and homes. The goal has been to develop a self-sufficient, sustainable community that can meet most needs without an automobile.

The benefits of such an arrangement are myriad. First, walking to amenities promotes a healthier lifestyle. Second, walking is more environmentally sustainable. Third, the very act of walking to resources you share with your neighbors builds relationships by getting you out of your car and into your community.

A Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Community

Once, before 2 cars became the norm and everyone decided they needed to drive everywhere, towns were built on a more human scale. These towns had distinct centers, with government, retail and commercial buildings. Most of the townspeople could walk to any business in the town center.

Then came the rise of the big city, the subsequent move to the suburbs, and then suburban sprawl.

Over time, rising gas prices and long, boring commutes have diminished the appeal of suburban sprawl. Increasingly, people are beginning to feel the effects of a car-bound lifestyle on themselves and their environment. Out of these realizations has sprung a new concept with traditional roots. People are beginning to long for the Traditional Neighborhood Development.

Mt Laurel has been designed to take the best from well-known American towns such as Charleston and Savannah. Design touches include discrete alleys behind homes, invitingly wide sidewalks in front, and proximity to storefronts in the town center.

Mt Laurel is designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, world-renowned town planners and creators of Seaside, Florida, the community that initiated the New Urbanism⁄TND movement back in 1981.

For more information, fill out our contact us form and request your own information packet. You can also download a printable Mt Laurel brochure (PDF) and learn more about advantages of community living in Mt Laurel.

The Mt Laurel Fire Station is located very near the homes for faster response times.

Spoonwood Lake provides swimming, fishing and canoeing opportunities.

Mt Laurel parks host many outdoor shows, including live music.