Resident Spotlight Pigford Family

Resident Spotlight: Meet the Pigford Family

To understand what it’s like to live in Mt Laurel, it’s best to experience it firsthand – walk our wide sidewalks, dine in the Town Center, and explore one of our finely crafted homes. But if you haven’t visited yet, talking to the people that live here is a close second. After all, our residents are what makes Mt Laurel not just a neighborhood, but a true community.

That’s why we’re continuing our Resident Spotlight Series with the Pigford family – Josh and Ashley Pigford and their 3 daughters, Sindy (age 15), Marietta (age 12), and Savannah (age 8). Lest we forget, the family also has 3 pugs – Baxter, Sofia and Tilly, and a guinea pig named Peppermint. Recently, we interviewed Josh about life in Mt Laurel.

The Pigfords lead an active lifestyle with busy careers. Josh is the CEO of Baremetrics, a business software company. Ashley works as the Community Kitchen Manager at Hilltop Montessori School. Fortunately, the girls attend Hilltop and can walk to school with their mom.

Josh and Ashley are originally from Mississippi but spent several years after college in Denver, Colorado. After they had their first child, they decided to move to Birmingham to be closer to family. When they first moved to Birmingham, they rented in Mt Laurel first, but then bought a home in a neighborhood about 10 minutes away. After leaving Mt Laurel for a time, they decided to return to build their new home here in 2016.

Why did you choose to build in Mt Laurel?

JP: We missed living in a neighborhood where everyone spends time outside and where so many things are available within walking distance. When we lived in Denver, we lived in a similar neighborhood where we could walk to everything and there were parks every couple of blocks. You’d see your neighbors all the time because everyone just loved being outside and there was so much to do. Everything from the parks to the lake and trails along with the town center and schools all within a few blocks of our home…we couldn’t resist!

How do you like living in Birmingham after moving here from Denver?

Living in Birmingham is great. We love the friendships we have here, the great outdoor activities available, the “buzz” around a city that’s growing and the proximity to family in the South.

What’s your favorite activity in the neighborhood? Between the neighborhood parks, the town center, the lake, is there one thing that your family enjoys the most?

In the warmer months we go to the lake nearly every week to swim and fish. I think fishing may be the hidden gem of the lake. Just look at this carp our middle kiddo caught and we’ve caught bass even bigger! Though maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone that so we can keep all the good fishing to ourselves!

Resident Spotlight: The Pigford Family - Lake Days


What do you love most about your home?  

The location! We’re right across from Olmsted Park and a block from the town center as well as the basketball courts and pool. I also love that our yard doesn’t have a single blade of grass. Having moved here from a house where I’d spend the whole day nearly every Saturday cutting and “maintaining” the lawn, I love not needing to do that anymore.

Do you have a favorite room or design feature in your home?

I’m partial to our carriage house! I work from home and having a detached, separate space for my office was a big reason for building in Mt Laurel. We also love sitting on the front porch and just watching all the activity at the park across the street.

Did you enjoy building a new home as opposed to purchasing an older home?

Yes! Our previous home was a 30-year-old foreclosure that needed a lot of work. For nearly 7 years it was just one project after another, fixing this, adding that. It was exhausting. Having a home that doesn’t need any work for a while just frees up so much time to do things that I actually enjoy doing!

How did you feel about the building process with Town Builders?

It was great! The kids (and, let’s be honest, me) loved watching the whole process and seeing everything come together.

What would you say to people that are thinking about moving here?

I can’t emphasize how night and day different living here is to living in a typical suburban neighborhood. Whereas you could go weeks without seeing your neighbors in a typical neighborhood, we see ours almost every day while on walks, at the park or just picking up something from the General Store. There’s a strong sense of community that’s instilled by default thanks to great amenities and neighborhood planning that you just can’t get in a typical neighborhood.

Do you have a favorite Mt Laurel memory?

Hiking the whole Mt Laurel nature trail (which starts right beside our house!) all the way around to Turtleback Park and going fishing with the kids.

Tell me about your other business, Cedar and Sail. How did you start creating those pieces?

I started Cedar & Sail in early 2017 to scratch a creative itch. Being the CEO of a software company means I get to interact with a lot of great people on a daily basis but I don’t get to spend much time working with my hands and being creative in an artistic sense. I’m a sucker for home and office decor items (you know, the cool things you see on side tables and desks) and decided I’d try my hand at making some. I started designing the items in 3D modeling software and then figured out how to start producing those items out of raw materials like concrete and wood. Currently most of the things I make and sell are small concrete geometric planters and candles.

You’ve sold Cedar and Sail at the Mt Laurel Fall Festival before, and will be coming back for the Spring Festival. From your perspective as an artisan and homeowner, what do you enjoy most about the festivals? 

The 2017 Fall Festival was such a great surprise for me. It was my first local market for Cedar & Sail and I just had no idea how it would go and if it’d be worth the time and effort. It surpassed every expectation I had. I met so many great people and it was amazing seeing our little town have so much activity and life.

Thank you to the Pigford family for letting us interview them for the Resident Spotlight series! Are you ready to experience Mt Laurel first hand? Contact us today to schedule your tour.

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